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For more than a decade, Islamabad has been shifted into a business hub for real estate. With the creation of Islamabad International Airport the prices are sky high but new societies are being made by the minute. As per CDA & RDA from 2008 to 2020 there has been the most development in Islamabad across the whole Pakistan. We all know Islamabad is known to be one of the smallest cities in Pakistan but due to its beauty and lifestyles it is also one of the best capitals in the world. Now, who doesn’t want to live in one of the most exotic place in Pakistan?

If you are planning to invest in real estate, then Islamabad is the best option for you. There are a lot of reasons why the investors are intrigued to make investments in Islamabad only. It’s the best time for investment in Islamabad in 2021. Islamabad is highly recommended for the cause of best property investments 2021.

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There are many different areas where you can invest but the issue is real estate investment is more of a long term investment plan unless you’re investing in towers or projects. Let’s start off with some places which would be beneficial for you and they are also cheap right now.

Gandhara city:

It has started off with more than 600 canals area, which has been mostly sold out. They are set out to buy more area due to increase in demand. Now, why is that so?


Gandhara city is located right beside Mumtaz city, only a 4 kilometers from Islamabad International Airport. Mumtaz city is a lot expensive in comparison to this society although it has more area and projects but Gandhara city is still in much higher demand. Topcity is also right in front of both these societies and their prices are hot as molten iron.

Islamabad is a motorway city. Hence a lot of routes are connected easily to nearby cities. The Chakri road, motorway2 (M2), and several roads connect Islamabad to the nearby regions.


In comparison to all the big and famous societies for instance Topcity, Mumtaz city, B-17 and many other various societies are much more costly compared to Gandhara city. But in the end it’s not only about the rates or area. It’s all about the development of the society because the faster the growth, the more the returns.


Since most of the real estate projects are newly developed, the prices are kept low. This is why it is the best time to invest in Islamabad, because with the constant increase in demand of buyers, the prices to increase in the future. Prices and growth are highly interconnected seems as if they are directly proportional because if the prices are going up then it means that the area is developing.

The city is emerging with its fastest speed in respect to the rapid development of real estate projects, modern lifestyle, secure and stable lifestyle. The developers have made sure that the project gets approved by the authorities before being sold. The designers on contrary have designed the ultra-modern infrastructures with extreme comfort and without engineering faults.

Weather conditions:

The weather conditions of Punjab are preferable in general. However, Islamabad has the most eco-friendly weather conditions all year long. Healthy weather is important for good health and this is one reason why most Pakistanis prefer residing in Islamabad.

This city is clean and least polluted. There is lush greenery all over Islamabad which keeps the environment fresh and clean.

Commercial property investment in Gandhara city:

One of the biggest project of twin cities is starting in Gandhara city, known as ‘Agora Towers’. Enchantment never takes a day off. Agora Towers enhances your livings by the addition of some ambient and salient features you would like to have around you.

Combination of the serenity and ideality of the location and utilities, Agora Towers is next to none. We proffers luxurious apartments and deluxe penthouses which makes your living more serene. Project has many outrageous features, specifically the smart app. This app allows you to use all the house-hold facilities at just one tap. This app includes many useful features like Customer care, Maintenance services, Health care, Smart apartment, payment solutions, smart car parking and, many more.

The rare opportunity to live near Pakistan’s financial powerhouse CPEC means important to all the stakeholders, the presence of beautiful sceneries around, adds charisma to your living and access too many necessaries solves your transport issues Agora Towers, Gandhara city is situated in the near skirts of Twin cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Gandhara City is notifying the ancient Gandhara Civilization and Cultures that are headstones of the art. Covered with beautiful sceneries, twosome with the ancient culture & monuments with the security retaining boundary walls, make Gandhara City one of the chief place to live in. Agora Towers is situated in the Gandhara city of Art. Gandhara city has many salient features that make Agora Towers a worth place to live in

What makes a Housing Society Attractive and Affordable for Everyone?


Before getting to know about the most affordable housing societies in Islamabad, you need to know what makes a housing society most appealing among other housing schemes in a particular region. The features are as follows;



The two important selling points of a housing is first its key location in a specific area and other the facilities that it offers to the residents.



The developer’s sincere efforts play a vital role in the development of a housing society.


Acquisition of NOC:

Make sure you invest in an accredited RDA or CDA approved housing societies to save yourself from any fraud. As soon as an organization acquires a NOC, only then consider to invest in that society, till then wait for the approval no matter the popularity of the said society.

This is because the societies pay a huge amount of money to the real estate marketing, which makes the property popular overnight and investors are tricked to believe that this is truly an approved society. But, a society is only investable once it is approved by the officials.


The pace of Developmental Update:

Ensure you associate the progress in construction with benchmark projects and the industry, especially if you plan the very first real estate project.


Promoting Campaign:

In the real estate industry, large-scale marketing is only feasible after the master plan of society is approved by the relevant authority (such as RDA or CDA) and has fulfilled all the legal formalities.


High Liquidity:

A high sales-to-buy cost is called liquidity and refers to projects with a strong reputation in the industry.

Topcity 1:

The Top City 1 Islamabad is just one of the incredible potential of the housing, and culture. The top live performances, built in 2012, and is currently of the construction work is in full swing. The Top City 1, which is a strategic design it combines modern and sustainable environment for its residents. This is the most reliable, luxurious, and at the same time, cheap by design.

The shopping area at the Top of the City 1 is going to be beautiful, and it is going to be a super mall is a 5-star hotel is a new arcade games and the unique, international brands. The top of the City’s residents and beneficiaries of the lake, fitness center, mini-golf, Lake View Park, and many more, you can make a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Thus, we assume that the Top of the City, from 1 to be one of the best housing societies in Pakistan. For more information, please visit our web site.

It is located just a short drive from the Islamabad International Airport. The top City-1, and in the near future, in and to the airport. The top City-1, occupies a very strategic position. It is located in the modern-day Islamabad International Airport, which is at the junction of M-1 and M-2 on the roads, making it a great option for the users to invest in a very lucrative project, to build the housing, and real estate.

Park View City:

The CDA has been confirmed as a terrifying vision of the project, such as a View of the Park and the City, in the Zone IV of Georgia, is located 400 meters from the central boulevard, which is a straight line which connects the area.

A view of the park and the City, a REPORT from the government. The industry is moving fast in the early part of the initiative. For more information about how to purchase the REPORT, please visit our web site.

The developers note, the project, the bill, the stunning natural scenery, and the high-level of comfort and convenience. The next line of the track is designed for families who want to live in a supportive and specific, culture-friendly environment for the family.

In this track of the environment around the Bath tub, Castles, Views of the Park and the City, one of the Group’s initiatives. Alim Khan, a prominent member of Pakistan, is a well-respected political party, the Tehreek-i-Insaaf, the owner of the Vision Group (PTI).

Park View City, Islamabad, is trying to provide its citizens with safety and convenience in mind. It has everything you need for a family vacation, and the best restaurants. It is an ideal economic system for investment, and the modern tools of society to save the freebies, and the round-the-clock favorability of the gas and the water.

So, there are a lot of very nice, but the existing ones, with a good organization, and working with it is awesome developer, and now they are clearing all the legal formalities before it became an open source project.

DHA Islamabad

In the majority of Pakistan’s cities and towns, it is a must see and beautiful to the development, at the same time, the Captain, with a very flattering fit. This development is based on the international principles and best practices for a well-known team in the development.

The moment that you’re in the DGC, you are able to witness and luxury in a new apartment. All of these results have been complemented by the new company’s strengths, top-notch service and a strategic location.

The rich and special Initiatives, it remains a high-profile in the village is the case, the growth of the goals. DHA Islamabad is one of the internationally popular, and respected, the initiative of both the leading and foremost, and the elite of Pakistan.

It has been the best brand in the real estate market for many years, and although it’s going to enjoy nearly the same success in 2019 and beyond. In the majority of Pakistan’s cities and towns, it is a must see and beautiful to the development, at the same time, the Captain, with a very flattering fit. This development is based on the international principles and best practices for a well-known team in the development.

Capital Smart city

The Metropolitan Smart Zhivu claims to be the only smart in Georgia, as well as all over the country. The project is being implemented by the Paris Fazil Private Limited (HRL), and the Future of the Development process for the Private Limited (FDHL). They are popular in recent years, and their homes and businesses, and as of now, Capital Smart City is a big and smart project in the country.

The society does not claim to be a marvel of engineering and architecture like no other housing society in Pakistan are able to claim, and this includes the Crystal of the Lake, an 18-hole golf course in the area, the parks, the smart, villas, home and so on.

Capital Smart city has been the subject of Pakistan ever since it was created in, and only in its unique offerings. On October 6, 2019, Smart City, was launched in a grand event. The ceremony was attended by high-ranking officials.

An RDA approved condo corporation will have received the REPORT to the 7506’s, and for a variety of reasons, this is the number one option for real estate investors. Given below are some of the key features:

Strong cash position, because it’s owned by a successful Developer (HRL).

The construction and earthworks are carried out quickly. Click here to view the most recent progress in the development of the Capital Smart City.

November 15-2019, elections were held for the first time. About 3,000 of the president and 3,000 of the overseas locales were chosen.

It is expected that non-Phase 1, and the President of the Phase 1 will be running as planned in December 2020.

Luxury Overseas villas are, and the Representation of the Towers are currently under construction.

The residential areas of Marla 3.5 industries – from Marla of 2.5 to invite all of you to take part in a top-level design of the apartment.

So, what do you expect? This is a unique project in Islamabad, which offers residents the comfort and smart features and a fair investment opportunities.



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