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Agora Towers is known to be one of the most luxurious and high standard living apartments. You can relate them with Silver Oaks, Sukhchayn, Capital Square and much more. Now why is that so?

Agora Towers is basically a Spanish designed project, made for the ease of residents and the people living nearby. It is based in the heart of Gandhara city, which resides right next to Mumtaz city. People who tend to travel a lot from Islamabad motorway would have a good idea of the place. Another important factor is that, it is only 4 kilometers from Islamabad International Airport, so you can travel to the airport and back in no more than 15 minutes.

Moreover, what does Agora Towers offer? It offers every single facility with the concept of smart living. Now what is smart living? Basically, the whole apartment’s security, lighting and heating is controlled from your palm, meaning that there is an app especially designed for these purposes. Furthermore, there are various amenities provided, some of them are e.g temperature controlled swimming pools, Salon & Spa, Gymnasium and much more…. All this is simply made to improve the lifestyle of our residents. A mini mart is also made so that the residents do not have to travel to a mart or a super store to stock their fridges.

Enough about the location and amenities, let’s talk about why should a person invest or buy Agora Towers? Talking from the investor point of view, what does an investor really look for? Before we get into what investor think, we should clear the fact that there are two types of investments. One is short term, where you expect returns in about 6-12 months and the other is long term, where the expected returns are from 5-10 years.

Not to forget, many people worry about the source of electricity, gas and water. Well, to clear the air, all the electricity will be supplied by the society Gandhara city, as well as gas and water. If there are any issues from the society, Agora Towers has backups ready 24/7. So that the residents do not have to face unrequired problems. Moving on, any issues by the Towers management will be compensated somehow and might be the way of the residents. All in all, these Towers are being made just to be fruitful for the buyers & investors.

Adding another important factor, Agora Towers is a 3.5 years plan, which is RDA approved. Not only this, it allows residents special discounts from the mini mart and special care services to all the residents. All guests are greeted and are under management protection. All the apartments are fully furnished and there are also cargo elevators installed, in case any one of the residents wants some furniture according to their desire. Let’s not forget the fact that these Towers include a mosque as well. There are 7 elevators installed and every resident gets a unique QR code to lock and unlock their apartments. There are balconies on all the apartments and every apartment has a window the size of a wall, to increase comfort and luxury. And it does not end here, Agora Towers also has ducts and pipes installed within the apartments so it does not disturb the view of the place.

Now we now the type of investments, let’s move on to what does an investor think before investing. As we know about the 2 perspectives of an investor, keeping that in mind an investor investing for short term, will most probably invest in the pre-launching of any residential apartments and commercial shops. As they are cheap and their rates hit sky high after launching. For example, let’s take Agora Towers. The pre-launch rates were PKR 6500 per Sq. Ft. but now after 60 days the rates are PKR 8000 per Sq. Ft. So, from an investor point of view who is short sighted will invest in pre-launching. Buy the product on cheap rates and sell it when the rates are higher in the time span of 2-4 months in the scenario of Agora Towers.

For long term investors, they opt the same tactic, buy in pre-launch rates but the perspective is different. They buy on the basis of development of the society and the project. Selling on launching rates is nothing compared to when the construction of the project has commenced. After the construction is started, the rates for Agora Towers will rise to PKR 9000 per Sq. ft. to PKR 11000 per Sq. ft. Giving off the least profit of 15 to 20 Lacs.


Moving on to buyers, the people who buy for living and usage purposes. Now this kind of customer may be tricky and unsure at first but they are the real gems. First of all, buyers are a bit hesitant as they do not know much about the market and they simply fluctuate from one place to another in order to find what’s best for them. The problem is they even don’t know what’s best for them. So you have to be patient with clients are them. However, with all these issues, these clients are trustworthy and they tend to ask more questions than the investors. They ask for more details for instance, what’s the society like, are there any amenities provided, is there any safety for their family, so on and so forth. The questions are pretty basic and related more to the well-being and closely related to necessity of human beings. Furthermore, buyers have to pay the monthly, quarterly or yearly installments, so we have to create personalized plans for that, one of the major issues might be when the buyers demand for an apartment which is not available. Another improvisation we have to do is for the payment plan, as every buyer cannot schedule it as it is. Thus, a personalized payment plan is made for the ease of our client.

Going back to why should you buy Agora Towers? The answer is pretty simple. If you want a secured and safe place for your family, with an apartment which feels like home then Agora Towers is the right place for you.

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Another important factor which people tend to ignore is, why would a small family live in a house, where they have no safety so they have to hire a guard. Their cars have to be locked and their gates too. You have to be extra careful, so you install security cameras and pet dogs. Now you cannot manage all of this if you have a business to look over or work 9-5 daily. So people hire a professional for these purposes, who charges you more than a hundred thousand monthly. Now how does Agora Towers

removes all these hectic jobs from your life? We have hired a team of professionals to protect you, all the cars have a unique number and you receive a unique card through which you can take your vehicle outside the parking. An outsider cannot come directly to your apartment, they will need an approval from you before they can meet you. For all the guests we have created 15 guest rooms on the ground floor for their stay.

Apartment V/s House


To conclude, Agora Towers is awarded one the best investment and living plans in the twin cities, with all the amenities provided, it is a lot cheaper than the rival apartments in the cities. It provides great opportunity as the area is prospering and right next to it is Mumtaz city and Motorway. Nowadays, travelling through air is more common than ever, therefore a place which is only a minute away from the airport might solve many problems as well. As well as compared to houses, these apartments are way more functional and secure.

Do not waste your time and grab this opportunity as soon as possible!!!

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A Tradition of Excellence, Integrity, Knowledge and Services.

© BricksEdge. Developed by JsKorp Marketing